Rehab walkers provides aid

Rehab walkers have always been an excellent aid that have assisted those whom have experienced injuries or have disabilities which either limits or inhibits a person's movements. It's however not the only use of Rehab walkers as they can be used as a rehabilitation tool to assist patients in regaining their motor skills as well as helping improve the work ergonomics for caretakers of the elderly and patients. 

While walkers are used to a lesser degree nowadays then they were a few decades ago they still are important equipment even to this day. Of course, there are plenty of models out on the market to choose from but one of the recommended ones are the rehab walkers from TR Equipment

They're made out of high quality materials but not only that, their walkers are also designed for stability and assisting in rehabilitating patients. They also have different types of walkers, from basic, manual ones to ones equipped with height adjustment either manually or through an equipped power rise.

The importance of patient hygiene equipment

Besides rehab walkers, TR Equipment do also make other types of equipment meant to make hygiene and movement easier for patients and caretakers both. Their products are made to help reduce the risks for injuries and stress on both parties involved and also for making showering, bathing and cleaning patients a more comfortable experience. 

When considering purchasing bathtubs, shower chairs and similar products for patient hygiene, it is important that said products are held up to a specific standard. Not just quality standard but also a high standard for simplicity, hygiene and functionality to ensure that patients and caretakers both can properly keep up good hygiene without much trouble nor stress.​​